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Types of collected personal data

We will collect and manage your personal data by your agreement.in order to receive our services, you need to provide us with personal data and anonymous data which we consider necessary to further improve our services, including but not limited to:

Personal data

Your name, gender, age, date of birth, telephone number, address or mailing address, Email and anonymous data.

The purposes of collected personal data and anonymous data are stated as follows:

We can offer our services to you through our website; We can identify and confirm your identity when you are using our website; We can give you a customized experience when you are using our website; We can carry out marketing surveys to improve our products, services and website content; We can collect data for our activity planning, marketing and promotional contene; We can comply with laws and regulations of the government and supervision department;Our branches, affiliated companies


When you visit our website, we use Google Stats to record our performance and to verify the effect of online advertisements through cookies.A cookie is a small amount of data sent to your browser and saved in your computer’s hard disk drive.Only when you are visiting our website with your computer can cookies be sent to your computer’s hard disk.A cookie is often used for recording visitor’s habits and preferences when visiting our website.Data collected by cookies is anonymous group collective data that doesn’t include personal data.Cookies are not able to access your hard disk’s data, your Email address and your private data You can skip registration if you visit our website again Most browsers accept cookies by default.You can choose to set your browser to not accept cookies or to inform you if cookies are installed.However, if cookies are blocked, you may not be able to start or use some functions of our website.If you allow cookies, every time you enter our website with the same computer, our server will inform us that you visited our website. Then we can recognize you and accept your registration data and payment data, collect related application amounts, conduct marketing surveys, view trip progress and collect data for promotional activities, etc.You can change your browser’s settings to decide whether you want to accept cookies or not.If you are willing to, you can change the browser’s settings.You can choose to accept all cookies, be informed if you are receiving cookies, and even reject all cookies.However, if you choose to deny all cookies, you may not be able to use some functions of our website. Or you may need to register your data again.

Saving personal data and anonymous data

The personal data and anonymous data you provide us are stored until their storage purposes are met, except when being kept for legal reasons.

Ownership and disclosure of personal data

We own all data collected by our website and we will not rent or sell to any unconcerned thirty party.However, personal data can be disclosed to:

Protection of personal data

We take proper physical, electronic, administrative and technical measures to protect and guarantee the security of your personal data.We try our best to ensure that any personal data collected by our websites are free from disturbance by any unconcerned third party.The safety measures we take include but are not limited to:
Physical measures:Records with your personal data will be kept at places with a lock.
Electronic measures:Computer data with your personal data will be saved in computer systems and storage media of which the login is strictly restricted.
Administrative measures:Only staff with our authorization can reach your personal data. Staff shall comply with our interior rules of personal data confidentiality.
Technical measures:We may take encryption technology such as Secure Socket Layer Encryption to transfer your personal data.
Other measures:Our network servers are protected by ‘firewalls’.
If you know of any security loopholes on our website, please do no hesitate to contact us so that we can take proper actions as soon as possible.Although we have taken the technical and security measures above, we cannot ensure that data transfer on the Internet is absolutely safe. Thus we cannot definitely promise that the personal data you provide through our website is safe all the time. We are neither responsible for any access to your personal data without authorization nor for compensation of any loss or damage caused by such event.


If any parents or guardians believe that there are juveniles providing personal data to us without permission or agreement of parents or guardians, please contact our customer service department to make sure this data is erased and removed from our promotion list.

Accessing and modifying personal data.

You have the right to:

Inquire if we are holding any of your personal data;
Access your personal data we are holding;
Demand that we modify any incorrect personal data;
Inquire about the property, policy and execution method of the personal data we are holding now and then.
But under some extreme situations permitted by laws, we are able to not allow you to access to your personal data, such as:
When you will perhaps be in danger if you access your personal data;
When your personal data will perhaps effect an ongoing investigation;
When your personal data is involved with a court procedure and is perhaps limited of being discovered;
When your personal data is involved with a sensitive commercial decision making process;
When another’s personal data is included in the same record.
If you want to access or modify your personal data, or ask for the policy and execution method of personal data and the type of personal data being hold, you may contact us at the following addresses.You will perhaps pay proper handling expenses for accessing or modifying data.

Keep your password safe

Except for our efforts to ensure the safe keeping and safe handling of your personal data, you shall not disclose your password or account information to anyone to protect your personal data.Every time you login our website, especially when you are using another’s computer or terminal of public Internet, please remember to click quit after finishing operations.Your effort and assistance is definitely helpful for us to protect your personal data.

Revision of privacy policy

This privacy policy can be revised now and then (without informing you in advance).All revisions of this privacy policy will be published on our website.