Florentia Village Chengdu Ground-breaking Ceremony officially kicks off

Phase II Project signifying its commitment to expanding in Southwest China


24th March 2020 – Chengdu, China, Florentia Village officially held its groundbreaking ceremony for its Chengdu Phase II project. As an authentic Italian luxury designer outlet in South-West China, Florentia Village Chengdu carries over 100 renowned brands from Europe, United States and Asia and attracts over 2 million visitors annually within two years of operations. The official launch of the phase II project signifies Florentia Village's endeavor in further reinforcing its local presence, expanding its geographical reach, and strengthening its facilities and amenities, so as to provide an upgraded 'one-stop' Italian lifestyle and fashion shopping experience to customers in Chengdu and surrounding cities. The ceremony was hosted by Deputy Secretary and Chief Executive of Pidu District, Mr.Liu Yinyong. Mr.Yang Dongsheng, Secretary of Pidu District, delivered a special speech, and Ms.Liao Chengzhen, Deputy Secretary-General of Chendgu Municipal People’s Government, formally announced the official commencement of Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II project. Meanwhile, the leaderships of Chengdu Development and Reform Commission, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce, Chendgu Culture, Radio and TV, Press and Publication Bureau, Chendgu Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau and Pidu government were also invited to witness this significant moment together.

Florentia Village Chengdu Ground-breaking Ceremony

"We are eternally grateful for all the prodigious support from the government leaders during such a special pandemic period, which ensured a progression of this ceremony; and we are also very delighted with the longstanding recognition and endorsements from the industry," Maurizio Lupi, the Managing Director of Florentia Village and RDM Asia, stated when he delivered his congratulatory speech via a video, "As an Italian outlet with a strong presence in the industry, we are honored to facilitate the development of South-West China. With the official launch of Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II project, we will continue to introduce more brands, services, and entertainment, thereby creating an inviting and exciting shopping environment. Our goal is to build a new retail experience by integrating tourism, shopping, leisure and entertainment for our customers; as well as to strengthen the cultural bridge and economic relationships between China and Italy."

 Mr. Yang Dongsheng, Secretary of Pidu District and other local leaderships  are receiving introductions about Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II Project

 Florentia Village Chengdu

Ever since the grand opening in December 2017, Florentia Village Chengdu has maintained an outstanding momentum in sales and obtained multiple prominent achievements. Early 2019, Florentia Village Chengdu earned the AAA Tourism Accreditation which enabled customers in Chengdu and west China to enjoy authentic Italian culture and fashion-shopping experience without going abroad. In the 'China Shopping Mall Value Cloud Board (CSVB) 2019', Florentia Village Chengdu reserved places on two major lists - '2019 The Most Notable First-store Economic Projects' and '2019 The Most Notable Shopping Malls/Outlets' respectively. Moreover, with international leading luxury brands, such as Prada, Valentino, Jimmy Choo and Polo Ralph Lauren, etc. in Florentia Village as their exclusive outlet stores in Chengdu, Florentia Village Chengdu is able to offer a more premium shopping choices to consumers.

Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II Project Concept

Inspired by the classic Italian architectural style, Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II project continues its previous design philosophy and will further bring in a 2-floor architectural layout with partly 3-floor combined with a higher duplex, intending to provide enhanced decorative freedom for brands and to optimize customer experience. As a whole, Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II project covers an area of 108 acres and a construction area of around 30,000 square meters, with approximately 100 new brand stores and over 1,000 parking slots upon completion. As a result, an grandeur classic Italian-style outdoor shopping venue will be rendered to customers who desire an unparalleled shopping experience.

Florentia Village Chengdu Phase II Project Concept

The phase II project of Florentia Village Chengdu is expected to be completed and start operating by the third quarter of 2021. While consistently diversifying distribution of formats, Florentia Village Chengdu subtly integrates shopping experience and the needs of modern leisure life. With a taste of Italian lifestyle with its European inspired environment, an ever-expanding world class brand mix, immersive lifestyle events, and international standard of service, Florentia Village Chengdu sets to forge a refreshed look of itself and to transform into a landmark of the entire west China!


Florentia Village is China’s leading Italian designer outlet under the Italian real estate entity RDM.  Florentia Village was first launched in 2011 and currently has a total of six outlets across Greater China, located in Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Chengdu and Hong Kong. The outlets’ distinctive Italian architecture paints a vivid image of Florentia from ancient Rome and the Renaissance age by combining plazas, galleys, fountains and monumental buildings to deliver a one of a kind shopping environment. Florentia Village carries over 300 renowned brands from Europe, United States and Asia at a year-round discount of up to 80% off. 

Through RDM’s extensive network of contacts within the global retail community, the stores are leased to the most prestigious luxury fashion brands. To date, Florentia Village has achieved a combined total leasing area of 300,000m2, a total of 1,200 shops, and has attracted upwards of 19.5 million visitors annually. As the leading international designer outlet in Asia, Florentia Village brings an unparalleled Italian style and shopping experience to the region.