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Ochirly, a near-legendary rapid expansion of the fashion brand, seems to inadvertently firmly grasp the people's attention, as the fashion circle popular key words.

Originally founded in 1999 ochirly, the brand name from the Chinese "European power", meaning from the European fashion charm - the hope that the essence of European fashion into the Chinese market, with reasonable prices for the Chinese middle class fashion people to provide rich, refined Fashion products, inspired by the unique and international aesthetic style.

Art and business perfect fusion, is ochirly distributed endless source of charm:

Ochirly is the first to break the conventional wear norms, launch mix concept of fashion brand. From design to process, from color to plate type, from the details to match, all "mixed" style, "mixed" was elegant. She is good at film, music, painting and other art to draw inspiration, combined with the elements of the trend, to stimulate creativity, interpretation of modern women's self-confidence attitude, from the heart of the elegant modern temperament.

Ochirly the store, the retro luxury European architectural style fusion of modern architectural trends, creating a full of artistic and fashionable shopping environment, people enjoy the fun of shopping.

Ochirly love to use the film's fashion language, as well as the influence of the star supermodel spread, express the most sincere respect for the film, art and fashion.

Ochirly fashion, professional, meticulous and affluent characteristics of the service, but also make it an indispensable female life partner.

Adhering to the combination of art and business business philosophy, ochirly changed the way women in China dress, but also the art and fashion aesthetic taste continue to spread to people, which also makes it fast growing for the Chinese fashion industry leader. As of the end of 2009, ochirly in China's 28 provinces and cities of the landmark shopping malls, with more than 800 shops, continued to expand its fashion territory.

In 2009, ochirly was acquired by overseas company Hector International Group, together with its sister brand Five Plus, the group's upcoming men's brand Trendiano, and children's clothing brand Love Ysabel together to create a more eye-catching fashion kingdom.
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