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The story of JACK & JONES begins in 1990 when BESTSELLER sends a young, fiery soul to the Oslo fashion fair with a modest, but carefully chosen collection aimed at young men. The reception exceeds all expectations and the creation of a new menswear brand is a reality.
In the following years JACK & JONES manifests itself as one of the strongest jeans brands on the market and within a few years, the brand has several hundred stores.
Today JACK & JONES is one of Europe’s leading producers of menswear with more than one thousand stores in 38 countries and JACK & JONES clothes are sold by thousands of wholesale partners all over the world.
Jeans are still regarded as the backbone of JACK & JONES’ business. We continue to have a high level of expertise when it comes to the craftsmanship, quality and design of jeans, but JACK & JONES is nowadays defined and represented by five unique brands: JACK & JONES VINTAGE CLOTHING, PREMIUM by JACK & JONES, ORIGINALS by JACK & JONES, CORE by JACK & JONES and JACK & JONES TECH.
The brands are designed by independent design teams, each one of them with their own ideas, concepts and designs. They all offer a full range of clothes, accessories and footwear for every man and every occasion.

ONLY is the leading international fashion company BESTSELLER Danish owned one of the many famous brand.ONLY from Europe, as have the attitudes of women to create within reach of fashion. In bring the world of fashion at the same time, it also brings the fine quality and service. ONLY for all life in the metropolis of the world independent, freedom, the pursuit of fashion and quality of modern women's design. On behalf of young people energetic, fun way to live, dynamic and strong flavor of the times. ONLY woman is full of passion, they have unique personality.

VERO MODA is a famous dress brand.VERO MODA of Denmark's biggest fashion group BSETSELLER's official stationed in China, has been in the Chinese opened more than 1800 stores. VERO MODA fashion in the elegant style melody, provide multiple choice for urban female independence. From 60's to 90's retro dress, coat to classic profile, personality cowboy single product, VERO MODA every season will be hot T station into the elegant and has the trend of pragmatic style of the daily dress, to meet the diverse needs of modern women's fashion.
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