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J.Benato Has Products With High Quality By Preserving Tradtponal Craftsmanship Of Italy And Recreating The Classics With Unique Design. J.Benato Strives For The Aim To Provide Consumers With Fashionable, Light And Comfortable Leather Shoes. It Is The First To Start Producing The Most Comfortable Social Shoes, Caufornia Shoes, Which Is Highly Recognised And Favoured By Business Elites, And Makes J.Benato The Definer Of The Craftsmanshp Standards For California Shoes.
Since The Early 1980s When J.Benato Entered China' S Market From Hong Kong It Has
Developed Its Business In Hong Kong, South Korea. China Taiwan And Mainlano China With The Popular Brands Concept Of “Gentleman Style &Magnificent Manner”
Through 3 Decades Of Development In China Up To Now, J.Benato Has Developed The Business In Leather Shoes, Goods And The Design Concept Of "Enjoy Easy Living" , Created Fashion Men`S
Goods Supply Chain, Established The Hight-Level Fashion Business Men`S Brand Ano Interpreted The Gentleman Style Of Metropolis Business Elites. J.Benato Has Its Franchises And Shops In Exquisite Grocery Malls. Large Comprehensive Shopping Centres, International Airports And Starred Hotels In All Cities. Now It Has More Than 400 Termwal Sales Olttiets In The Asian-Pacific Region.