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JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) is one of the major brands of men's fashion group under the Danish Bestseller. JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) brand since its inception in 1990, with its simple and pure European style to attract the world's pursuit of fashionable men's eyes, JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) has become the representative of European men's fashion brand. JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) is currently in the global 18 countries and regions are equipped with image store. JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) men is designed for smart, sensible, well-educated, keen social activities around the age of thirty men. JACK&JONES (Jack&Jones) man has his own unique experience to modern fashion, modern people at the same time pay attention to the international fashion trend of the market.

From the European SELECTED (Si Laide) brand, is the elite men's brand will be the unique charm and taste of one of the world's biggest fashion group owned by BESTSELLER. Born in 1997 in Denmark in 2008, BESTSELLER group SELECTED (Si Laide) is introduced China market. SELECTED (Si Laide) will be keen on style, fashion creative, high-end quality and exquisite craft com., aimed at the rich taste will create elite men into the international trend and the design of modern image, and it quickly became the group's another successful men's clothing brand. Whether in Milan, London, Tokyo, New York...... Or in Beijing and Shanghai, all over the world metropolitan Street can feel by SELECTED (Si Laide) to bring the latest fashion trends and fashion.

• Selected is a European brand offering the Chinese man the latest international fashion trends. SELECTED is part of the BESTSELLER Fashion Group, one of the world biggest Clothing companies. Selected was founded in Denmark in 1997. In 2008 SELECTED entered the Chinese market joining the companies’ other highly successful brands ONLY, Vero Moda and Jack & Jones.
• The successful market positioning and target group understanding are the foundation of success. As the international menswear brand, SELECTED know his loyalty consumer very well, they are the group who feels “life is looking good”, they are sophisticated and understated, fashion but never follow. As the favorite menswear brand, SELECTED has fashion and trend design, exquisite tailoring and continually improved quality. SELECTED provides not only variety of product lines but also Interpretation of the life attitude of elite men.
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