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[Gutian Daoxiang] brand was founded in 2005, based in Shanghai, more than 200 stores all over the country, more than 10 years of ingenuity, just to make a bowl of healthy, nutritious, fast and good meal.
[Gutian Daoxiang] The pot of rice is well received by consumers because it firmly believes that “good rice must have good rice”, and Gutian Daoxiang has established more than 15,000 acres in Wuchang, northeast of Heilongjiang, one of the “three major black land distribution areas” in the world. The rice flower fragrant rice base is strictly controlled and managed from various aspects such as variety, planting, processing, warehousing and distribution, ensuring that the high-quality rice of the base can be continuously supplied to various stores, and truly “from farmland to table”.

Gutian rice fragrant pot rice, now it is more delicious
Rice fragrant rice is only 10 days from shelling to table, fresh and sweet.
The cooking process is soaked in soft water for 40 minutes, and the ratio of rice to water is strictly cooked;
107 ° C high temperature tile pot ancient method, 15 minutes now eat now