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The small Taiwanese chafing dish, which originated from Taiwan and is well-known in Beijing, is a "small chafing dish" popular with consumers. Founded in Beijing in 1998, from north to south, covering more than 80 cities in 18 provinces of China, it has more than 800 restaurants in China. It is one of the top ten hot pot brands and top 100 catering enterprises in China. It was listed in Hong Kong in 2014. Sick feeding always adheres to the purpose of meeting consumer needs, focusing on the consumption of friends and family meals. The unit price of 50 yuan shows the strong ability of gathering customers and the cost-effective ratio. Fashion white-collar workers, college students and small families are all regular customers who are feeding, thus gaining the reputation of "small chafing dish".

Over the past 20 years, Xie Nurture has devoted itself to creating an elegant and comfortable dining environment for customers, and its feelings for food have remained unchanged. As always, with strict standards and unremitting pursuit, to make a good hot pot. Search for the world's good food materials, fresh vegetables and direct delivery, meat - 18 C cold chain freshness, after dozens of processes exclusive secret pot bottom, to bring customers a unique taste sauce enjoyment.

The quality of sipping and feeding comes from perseverance, accompanying the original heart is unchanged!