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“Luxury is about culture and if a product doesn’t describe its culture, then it loses its value”
This simple philosophy lies at the core of Woo, the first true international luxury fashion brand that draws its inspiration from the uncontested brilliance of the Chinese heritage.

Woo is dedicated to beautifying the modern woman and man who pride themselves in the value of inner and outer beauty. Traces of this beauty philosophy can also be found in Woo’s emblematic pieces, through a juxtaposition of colours, symbols and patterns infinitely blended with contemporary elements, resulting in masterpieces that nourish the soul as much as they speak to the eyes and grace the body. Woo’s scarves and shawls are famed as timeless style staples and the accessories are emblematic treasures that perfectly embodies cultural elements through contemporary design.

Established in 2002 through the strong creative talent and vision of Stephen Sun, a foremost art and design veteran, Woo is one of the pioneers of the Chinese creative resurgence following nearly a century of artistic and cultural stagnation. With an unwavering dedication to craftsmanship and an obsession for perfection, Woo sources its cashmere, silks and materials from the best artisans in Inner Mongolia and its pieces are made to exacting standards by some of the most experienced hands in the human history of art and fashion.

Today, Woo continues the tradition of intricate attention that has preserved the oriental artistic expression for over five thousand years, through gracing the bodies of women and men worldwide with the masterpieces that will last another five thousand years.
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