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"THE SIMPSONS" is an animated sitcom of the 20th Century Fox Film Company, created by Matt Groening. The play portrayed the lives of the native Americans in a humorous way by showing the lives of the five family members Homer, Maggie, Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. The film has ridiculed American culture and social phenomena from many angles. This animated movie that has been around for more than two decades worldwide has won numerous awards for its deeply animated animated image and humorous satire style, including 31 Emmy Awards, 26 Anne Awards and 1 Peabody Award.
Audiences familiar with the animation are no stranger to characters such as Homer Simpson, Maggie Simpson, and Bart Simpson. Their distinctive personality and personalized costume make up the audience's important memories of the cartoon.
The world's most iconic THE SIMPSONS "The Simpsons", as the image of the United States FOX's most famous evergreen screen, with its American culture, American family and the symbol of the trend of culture, into the trend of consumer goods market, the establishment of The Simpsons Store .
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