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J.LINDEBERG was founded in stockholm in 1996 . The vision was to build an international brand for modern and aware consumers. the first collection was presented in early 1997 and featured both men’s fashion and golf apparel. especially in the golf world, J.LINDEBERG launched a small revolution through progressive designs and sponsorships in a relatively conservative environment.
2012 J.LINDEBERG establish china office aim to bring modern product experience bridged function and fashion to chinese consumers.
J.LINDEBERG is a brand that bridges fashion and function. we develop outstanding products based on progressive craftmanship with a scandinavian point-of-view and a green mind
J.LINDEBERG strives to become the leading fashion house from scandinavia.,we are scandinavian in heart and soul, if not also by birth. this is one of our natural advantages.
things that we find normal and conventional are often seen by others as exotic and progressive.
Our honesty, dependability and trustworthiness give us a special position on the global stage.
Our Relationship with nature is profound.
We are modern. As in being functional and active, while at the same time maintaining a high level of exclusivity and elegance.
We think big, but act small. Our scandinavian point-of-view is an important part of everything we Do.
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