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In 1958, the United States Wolverine Group (WOLVERINE WORLD WIDE) clerk, that is, Hush Puppies brand founder Mr. Jim Muir (Jim - Muir) for the pursuit of a comfortable and natural, on behalf of casual taste of the brand The name of the bitter without good policy, occasionally in a friend's dinner, ask the table on the small corn ball called "Hush Puppies?" The owner is very playful and said: "This is because the delicious corn balls, you can make the home of the barking dog to stop the noisy." Clever is the traditional "barking dog" often met wearing uncomfortable shoes Painful feet Mr. Jim Muir immediately took the idea of ​​using this idea in a comfortable casual shoes, further in the use of all the comfortable leisure goods, because, "Hush Puppies ®" is also a metaphor to solve the consumer market products at that time Of dissatisfaction. Since then, Hush Puppies® has become synonymous with comfortable, casual and fashionable brands. And Mr. Jim Muir (Jim - Muir) choose to Baji Hound (Basset Hound) for its brand LOGO, is to take its affinity and harmony into the lovely shape, more representative of the Hush Puppies ® leisure series is everyone The most faithful friend.
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