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Golden Goose, also known as GGDB sneakers (dirty shoes), is an Italian fashion brand. In 2000, designer couple Alessandro Gallo and Francesca Rinaldo founded Golden Goose. The brand drew inspiration from Venetian architecture and formally opened a legendary prelude to Golden Goose through innovative interpretations and refinements of Italian craftsmanship. It inherits Venice's handicraft and perfect tailoring, integrates traditional craftsmanship and modern artistic style, constantly condenses wisdom and ingenuity, and shows both low-key and luxurious, comfortable and unique aesthetic perspective.

On July 20, the grand opening of U161 in Florentia Village Tianjin will be held. Small white shoes and dirty shoes are quite different, but Golden Goose is the dirtier the more "flavor". If you want not to be replaced, you need to be different. This summer, you still need to unlock your fashion "star" journey.

Golden Goose's highly sought-after "dirty shoes" series, using Italian high-end soft leather, through manual sewing, brushing and coloring, behind each complex process is a continuous stream of creation and love. Hand-made old create a cool feeling of untidy, seemingly contrary to the rules, but in fact promote their own personality. Unbroken, born shining, create a unique sense of luxury Golden Goose.

Every pair of Golden Goose shoes can be regarded as an art created after creativity and effort. Golden Goose, on the premise of paying attention to high quality, creates unique shoes to highlight your personality and taste, and brings you a bold and adventurous attitude towards life.
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