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URBAN REVIVO (UR) is a trendsetter of fast luxury. Upholding “INCITE﹒INSPIRE﹒INTERMESH & PLAY FASHION” as its brand concept, UR breaks through the traditional thinking of fast fashion and positions itself as a pioneer of affordable luxury. UR is not only capable of doing avant-garde design, but also striking a perfect balance between quality and value. It has always devoted itself to creating superb shopping experience which is characterized by comfort, luxury, innovation and smartness for its global customers. UR is a value-creator of fashion. Even more, it has always been an out-of-the-box thinker in the industry. Embedding PLAY FASHION into its brand DNA, UR endeavors to share with its customers the most fun, trendy and cross-boundary ideas, so that everyone could become a designer of his or her own style.
Founded in 2006, UR adheres to fast luxury as its core concept of operation. The brand rapidly expanded over the past ten years and opened over 160 stores throughout China and overseas. After adopting brands group strategy, UR launched its sub-brands step by step and started its international expansion by establishing a base in Singapore, continuing its expansion in Britain, United States, France, Japan and so on. UR will maintain a steady growth by adding 60 to 100 stores each year and expect over 400 stores worldwide by 2020 with a turnover of 10 billion Yuan. In future, UR will continue to provide fast fashion experience for customers across the world and become a greater fashion empire with international presence.
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