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About Satchi
The brand of Satchi has a long story of genius and efforts, development and innovation, dreams and honors. The initiator of the brand was born in a leather manufacturer family in Southeast Asia, where it is famous for its fine craft and steadfast style. However, with great passions and dreams, this young man went abroad to Spain, where, at that time, the leather manufacturing was the most developed in the world. The rich artistic and fashion atmosphere in Europe encouraged him to go to Florence, the Italian capital of art, to start a business after his learning. Due to his outstanding techniques and designing talents, he earned great reputation for the leather products he made.
Once, he tasted a special kind of wine, by chance, which was confected by six different famous Italian wines according to a specific ratio. The wine was named “SATCHI” with the initials of the six kinds of wines according to the ratio. Its exclusively mellow taste was unforgettable. The wonderful experience inspired a fresh idea. As a result, the free style logo of Satchi was created, implying development from the quintessence and uniqueness. The elegant and noble image of the brand Satchi embodies the freedom and innovation of the Florence people, as well as the signature of the guarantee of quality forever.
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