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Originating in Canada, under the direction of Mr. Luke Tanabe, Ports International launched their first collection in 1961. From its beginnings, Ports was built on manufacturing luxury clothing, expanding the business to North America, Europe and Asia. It was Mr. Tanabe’s appreciation of fine tailoring and quality fabrics that led to Ports success as a leader in the world of luxury brands.

The journey of Ports through the last four decades not only tells the story of the growth of a family business, but also chronicles the revolutionary developments of the manufacturing business. The Ports collection exemplifies how design can be highly innovative, yet solid over generations.

Fine craftsmanship, expert tailoring and superior fabrics are the cornerstones of the Ports 1961 identity. Working with some of the finest fabrics available in Europe, Ports 1961 has continuously made business decisions that allow them to remain at the forefront of the manufacturing and textile industry, constantly reaffirming their goal to provide clients with excellence.

Ports 1961 Creative Director, Fiona Cibani embraces a global village, representing a new culture that associates high performance with modern luxury, comfort and design. The Ports 1961 lifestyle is driven by real – world needs as well as old world romance.

Ports 1961 attention to detail, luxury and modern styling is transitioning the way women dress to accommodate a post-modern lifestyle, where elegance must meet everyday needs.